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Have you spent money on a business only to find out you were wasting your time and money?

Are you attracting the wrong type of customers?

Do you feel like something is wrong with your business structure because things are not flowing?

It could be you choose the wrong business entity type and thus are missing the mark. There are a few you should know prior to establishing that business at the Secretary of State and the IRS. Theses are this that will keep you from being part of the 50%, according to the Small Business Association, that closes within one year. Who wants to spend all that time, energy and money because they chose the wrong business entity. I would not.

Trust me I have been there. I wanted to create a business , I reached out to professionals, and got the runaround. I have also had many conversations with frustrated business owners with the same problem. So I created a solution so you would not have to bear the frustration too.

So I created 7 things to consider when choosing your business entity  to save you time & money. Get more help today buy